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Wild Seed Project: Returning native plants to the Maine landscape

Where the Wild Things Are: Pink Lady Slipper Orchids and Poachers

by Heather McCargo • June 12, 2015

Some of our most beautiful native plants do not belong in our gardens. When you see them for sale in a nursery, they are more often than not dug from the wild. The most common species collected in the wild . . . Read More »

A Call to Action for Citizen Scientists

by Kass Hogan • March 23, 2015

Gathering Data on Life Cycle Events in Maine Plants All across the country, scientists and non-scientists alike are keeping track of a natural, easy-to-observe, even joyful event: the first opening of flower buds. By writing down the dates when plants . . . Read More »

Making a Beeline Through Portland

by Heather McCargo • February 27, 2015

Habitat Corridors for Pollinating Insects: Bees and butterflies are getting a lot of attention these days, now that they are in severe decline. Our whole ecosystem, including many food crops, depends on them.

Sowing Maine’s Future

by Heather McCargo • January 22, 2015

The impact of people can be seen everywhere, even in the wildest parts of Maine. In the southern and coastal regions, what was once a mostly forested landscape inhabited by the first Americans soon became the agricultural and logged landscape . . . Read More »

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