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Wild Seed Project: Returning native plants to the Maine landscape

IN THE SHADE: Gardening with Native Plants from the Woodland Understory 

by Heather McCargo • March 31, 2016

There are many beautiful and resilient plants from the woodland understory of eastern North America that can enliven – [ Read More ]

Balcony gardens – Natives in pots for urbanites and people on the move

by Heather McCargo • January 28, 2016

My family lived in Barcelona a few years ago, and I was smitten with the ubiquitous Spanish balcony. Almost every urban apartment had one. They provided a much needed connection to the outdoors for apartment dwellers and a great view . . . Read More »

A Rain Garden at Your Downspout

by Heather McCargo • November 19, 2015

The torrential downpour that the Northeast experienced at the end of September was a clear reminder that we need to make our landscapes more absorbent of precipitation. Forests and meadows are able to absorb massive amounts of rainfall, slowing the . . . Read More »

A collection of native shrubs for Maine summer gardens

by Heather McCargo • August 12, 2015

People frequently ask me for native plant suggestions for their summer gardens. Below are some recommendations for shrubs that will provide a lot of visual interest in the form of beautiful flowers or fruits, as well as food and habitat . . . Read More »

Making a Beeline Through Portland

by Heather McCargo • February 27, 2015

Habitat Corridors for Pollinating Insects: Bees and butterflies are getting a lot of attention these days, now that they are in severe decline. Our whole ecosystem, including many food crops, depends on them.

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