We’re so excited to see you at our biggest fundraiser of the year!  This year will look a little different, with a shift to in person shopping and lots of extras like nursery tours, expert talks, and more.  Read on for answers to questions you may have.


Q: Where is the plant sale held?

A: The plant sale is held at our Native Seed Center at Turkey Hill Farm, 120 Old Ocean House Drive, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107.  Turkey Hill Farm is part of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust.

Q: How is the 2024 plant sale format different from last year?

A: Our 2023 plant sale was held on August 26 and 27. We took pre-orders online with early access for Wild Seed Project members. Order payments were processed through our website and pulled day-of for customers who came to pick up their plants. We offered alternate pick up dates in September for customers who couldn’t attend our August dates. 

This year, our plant sale is a two-day, in-person community event.  You’ll get the chance to browse, learn from plant experts (and each other!) at Q&A sessions and expert talks, and tour the Native Seed Center.  Purchases will be in-person only. We will not be taking pre-orders online. Members will still have early access to specialty species on Saturday, with plants replenished throughout the day for all of the time slots. Coming later in the day does not mean that your desired species will be sold out already. 

We will provide carts to load the plants into your vehicle and request, if possible, that you bring some form of tray or container to hold your plants. 

Q: If I cannot attend either date, can I still purchase plants?

A: Unfortunately, no, not from Wild Seed Project this year. But, there are more and more nurseries growing native plants.  If you cannot make September 7th or 8th, please check out our Native Plant Nursery Directory to find a nursery near you.

Q: Can I purchase seeds, merch and/or guides at the plant sale?

A: We will not have seeds available for purchase but we will have new merch and our guides for sale that weekend! Seeds will still be available for purchase on our website during this time. We encourage you to shop for seeds when we restock our inventory at the beginning of October. 

Q: Where can I park?

A: Parking is available on the farm only.  There will be “no parking” signs along the road. You will turn into the drive of the farm property and follow the signs to park. Parking will be along the driveway closer to the farmhouse and in the field. Volunteer parking attendants will be on hand to help!  Please follow their guidance.

Q: Is this event wheelchair accessible or assisted walking accessible?

A: There is handicap parking at the top of the driveway by the farmhouse. The trail to the nursery is grass and gravel and traversable to the event tent. 

Q: Will there be anything else available for sale that weekend?

A: Yes! We will have a booth featuring Wild Seed Project shirts, tote bags, hats, lawn signs, water bottles, and publications.  There will also be tables where you can meet and buy art from artists who have collaborated on Wild Seed Project creations.  This year we are welcoming:

Isabella-Zoe Ciolfi

Lin Snow

Opal Robinson

Claire Healey

Q: I can’t come Sunday and am not a member, can I attend the plant sale on Saturday instead?

A: No, Saturday is a members-only day. But we welcome you to become a member to attend Saturday’s sale! Wild Seed Project membership includes 10% off everything in our online shop including seeds, merchandise, guides, and books. We ship a free copy of our annual guide to members each year and host monthly Q&A’s with our staff. It’s a great community and way to get involved in the work we’re doing, we’d love to have you join

Q: I am a member, do I get a discount on plants?

A: There are no discounts for members. Members will get first access to the largest selection of our available species. 


Q: How will I pay for my plants?

A: We will provide you with a pencil and sheet to mark down the SKU number of each pot you purchase. You will bring this sheet up to checkout before or after you have taken plants to your vehicle. A slip of paper is easier to carry, and will help prevent plant traffic jams.  We can take cash, card, check, or Venmo for payment.  Please do not bring plants up to the register for check out. Thank you!

Q: Can plants only be purchased online?

A: No, we are not taking online pre-orders this year.

Q: If I don’t live in Maine can I still order plants?

A: No, unfortunately we legally cannot sell plants to customers who live outside the state of Maine. If you don’t live in Maine, please check out our Native Plant Nursery Directory to find a nursery near you and check your local and state guidelines for moving plants across borders. 

Q: How will I know what plants will be available?

A: We will publish a plant list in mid-July, and include a link to species profiles on our website with detailed descriptions of the plants, photos, and growing information. 

Q: Will you be shipping any plant orders?

A: No, we do not ship plants. Plants will only be available for purchase at Turkey Hill Farm in Cape Elizabeth.

Q: Is there a chance I won’t get a plant I’m looking for?

A: Yes, plants are living beings subject to nature, and we will have specific quantities of each variety available. Please reference our 2023 Plant List to review the breadth of species offered at our 2023 Plant Sale.  Remember, plants grow in community, and there are usually a variety of plants that will suit your site.  Check out our Comprehensive Plant List, which groups plants by growing conditions, to get an idea of the plants that will be happy at your home.

Q: Who grows the plants and how are they grown?

A: All plants are grown either by WSP staff at our nursery at Turkey Hill Farm or by trained and experienced volunteers. All plants are grown using (non-certified) organic growing practices without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We pot all of our seedlings in potting soil from Coast of Maine or Living Acres.

Q: Why are the plants I buy from Wild Seed Project smaller than those at a traditional nursery?

A: All of our plants are grown from seed, under natural conditions (not in a greenhouse) and most are first year plants. The plants may look smaller than what you are used to seeing at conventional nurseries, but they have strong healthy root systems and should do well being planted into your landscape this fall.

Q: What are the funds raised by WSP’s annual native plant sale used for?

A: Funds raised from this event support all of our community-based programs including Free Seeds for Teachers, experiential ecology programs in Maine schools, free educational resources and free seed sowing workshops, plus so much more.  Thank you so much for your support!

Have another question that wasn’t covered here? Send us an email at info@wildseedproject.net.