Slow gardening illustration by Jada Fitch
Wild Seed Project: Returning native plants to the Maine landscape

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Rethink Garden “Clean Up” While planting natives is an essential step toward creating habitat, how we manage our plantings will determine whether we can sustain and support the life-cycles and […]

Early-flowering, colonizing shrub, three to four feet tall; normally found in cool, moist, peaty soils in sun or part-shade; striking magenta flowers appear before foliage; deer-resistant; creates, in multiples, good […]

Tall, long-lived, member of the walnut family; stately, and moderately slow-growing; loose-plated bark and golden autumn color are strong landscape features; tolerant of a range of soil and moisture conditions, […]

The warm, sunny days of midsummer are a great time to observe the many kinds of pollinators that visit flowers. In Maine, the pollinators include the ruby-throated hummingbird and a […]

By Heather McCargo Native plant corridors attract pollinators and wildlife to your farm by stretching across your property to connect your piece of native habitat to nearby meadows, wetlands or […]


Planting a native tree is a powerful act that directly benefits local wildlife, moderates ground temperature, and helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Since the dawn of agriculture, people […]

We share our meadow with many living things, and we do our best to keep them happy. Each fall, we leave the dead stems and seedpods standing to provide winter […]