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This document contains an extensive list of native trees, shrubs, and perennials that are resilient and can serve as a fascinating foundation for teaching children about habitat, pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. All of these species have a long history of use by humans for food, medicine, or fiber.

Protecting Habitat through the Winter: Leave the Leaves! While planting native plants is an essential step toward creating habitat, how we tend our plantings determines whether we can sustain and […]

I am intimidated by the bald-faced hornets that forage nectar from raspberry blossoms and the yellow jackets that swarm over ripe blueberries, having experienced the stings of both. Yet each […]

Evergreen fern of moist forests; grows in neat clusters of two or three plants, or in small colonies; prefers light to full shade, but will tolerate sun if soil is […]

Two members of the iris family, one large, one small, Iris versicolor is a long-lived perennial with large purple flowers; Sisyrinchium montanum is short-lived, but readily self-seeds. Iris versicolor ranges […]

Early-flowering, colonizing shrub, three to four feet tall; normally found in cool, moist, peaty soils in sun or part-shade; striking magenta flowers appear before foliage; deer-resistant; creates, in multiples, good […]

A beautiful small flowering tree for shady landscapes, providing food and habitat to birds and pollinators. Native to the forest understory of eastern North America, favoring cool, moist ravines and […]

Tall, beautiful understory shrub/ small tree (ten to twenty feet high with an equal width) of mesic deciduous woods; late-blooming ribbon-like yellow flowers provide nectar for still-active autumn insects; found […]

Small herbaceous plants of woods and fields; flowers are blue, purple, white, or yellow, according to species; deep green, heart-shaped leaves in basal rosettes or on ascending stems; a good […]

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