Wild Seed Project tree background
Wild Seed Project: Returning native plants to the Maine landscape
Native seed planting equipment

Autumn and Winter Seed Sowing in Six Easy Steps

by Heather McCargo

Fall and winter are the best times to sow native seeds. In Maine, the yearly cycle for seed ripening and germination is different from common garden and vegetable seeds. Many […]

Seed bombs

Native Seed Balls – Dispersing Seeds with Guerilla Action

by Heather McCargo

There is something satisfying about the idea of tossing seeds of wild flowers or trees into an empty area with the hope that it will magically turn into a flowery […]

Butternut tree

The Butternuts of Belfast

by Philip Crystal

Belfast, Maine is loaded with butternut—the tree, not the squash. Since moving back to Maine last fall, I have seen more mature butternuts here than during my years at Purdue […]

Connecting Habitat in Portland: Creating corridors of native plants for urban biodiversity

by Heather McCargo

In urban areas, green spaces of natural habitat rapidly lose biodiversity if they exist in isolated patches. Many cities across the country and the world are working to promote corridors […]

Swamp milkweed with fritillary

Flowers, Pollinators and the Sex Lives of Plants

by Heather McCargo

The warm, sunny days of midsummer are a great time to observe the many kinds of pollinators that visit flowers. In Maine, the pollinators include the ruby-throated hummingbird and a […]

Pop-Up Parks and Parklets: Just Add Plants and Seating to Bring Nature and People Together in Urban Landscapes

by Jennifer Claster

Pop-up parks and parklets are catching on as a way to create a mini-oasis in an urban or paved environment. All across the country and around the world in many […]

IN THE SHADE: Gardening with Native Plants from the Woodland Understory 

by Heather McCargo

There are many beautiful and resilient plants from the woodland understory – [ Read More ]

Butterfly illustration

MONARCHS AND MILKWEED: Creating a Landscape in Maine to Support Monarch Butterflies and Other Pollinating Insects

by Heather McCargo

As we wait in hopeful anticipation for an increase in monarch butterfly populations, we can prepare for their arrival by planting native species that provide food and habitat for these […]

Balcony gardens – Natives in pots for urbanites and people on the move

by Heather McCargo

My family lived in Barcelona a few years ago, and I was smitten with the ubiquitous Spanish balcony. Almost every urban apartment had one. They provided a much needed connection […]

A Rain Garden at Your Downspout

by Heather McCargo

The torrential downpour that the Northeast experienced at the end of September was a clear reminder that we need to make our landscapes more absorbent of precipitation. Forests and meadows […]

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