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In the winter of 2015, Wild Seed Project engaged the Conway School of Landscape Design to conduct a research project focused on a city-wide pollinator corridor for Portland. The goal was a unifying vision for pollinator habitat throughout the city that would also connect urban residents with nature on a daily basis.

The value of working with students is that they often come in with fresh ideas. Young people also have a different view of the future and can offer new perspectives not thought of by seasoned professionals. We asked them to think big. We know that many ideas might take years to implement because changing a cultural perception takes time.

This research project, called Portland Pollinator Vision Plan, is filled with site analyses and multiple opportunities available to create pollinator habitat in the Portland metropolitan area. It is a first step to creating a different view of the built environment.

Since that time, Wild Seed Project has generated two garden design templates in conjunction with the Portland Pollinator Partnership to give Portlanders the information they need to help realize this vision.

The templates are included here:

Sunny Native Perennial Pollinator Garden Bed Template

Shady Native Perennial Pollinator Garden Bed Template