Wild Seed Project

Take the Pledge: By the year 2030, rewild Maine landscapes to reach 70% native plant biomass

What is Rewilding?

Rewilding is a deliberate shift from human-centered, intensively managed landscapes to humans sharing their landscape with the rest of nature. It is an intentional practice of restoring native plants to landscapes in urban, suburban, and rural areas to reverse habitat loss, support ecosystem services, and bring nature back into our daily lives.

Commit to Rewilding

In light of human impact upon the landscape and its corresponding loss of habitat and biodiversity, I/we pledge to REWILD our land, restoring a minimum of 70% native plant biomass. This threshold of 70%, documented by University of Delaware professor Douglas Tallamy, will increase habitat for wildlife, support natural systems, and create a more resilient landscape that can withstand the challenges of a rapidly changing climate.


Wild Seed Project, P.O. Box 4301, Portland, Maine 04101