Thank you for your interest in Wild Seed Project! We are not hiring at this time. Future opportunities will be posted to this page, and shared via our newsletter and social media channels.

About our Hiring Process:
Here’s what you can expect when you apply for a job at our organization:

  • All applicants will be notified of their status. We do our best to contact candidates as soon as they are no longer being considered. 
  • We conduct an initial phone interview with a large pool of applicants, a second Zoom interview with ~6 candidates and 3-4 of our team members, and a final in-person interview for 2-3 candidates with the same hiring team.
  • Interview questions are provided in advance for the Zoom and in-person rounds, and the phone interviews when possible. 
  • We commit to transparency throughout the process, and will share our timeline for next steps at the close of each interview.
  • We recognize that interview processes are necessarily extractive, and there are intense power imbalances between candidates and the hiring team. 
  • We commit to salary transparency throughout our organization and we do not negotiate salaries. 

If you have questions about our hiring process, please contact Jess Gildea, Director of Community Engagement: