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Returning native plants to the Maine landscape
Returning native plants to the Maine landscape
Photographs © Lisa Looke, Heather McCargo

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Leave the Leaves!

Rethink Garden “Clean Up” While planting native plants is an essential step toward creating habitat, how we manage our plantings will determine whether we can . . . read more »

New England Aster

The Beauty and Pollinator Benefits of Asters and Goldenrods

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Autumn and Winter Seed Sowing in Six Easy Steps

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Seed Dispersal: Growing the Future Landscape One Seed at a Time

Toward the end of summer, the seeds of many native plants in Maine begin to ripen and disperse, even some that bloomed back in the . . . read more »

Why Native Plants Matter

Beauty, biodiversity, and resilience

Native plants are beautiful, important for our local ecosystems, and do not need the high nutrient and water inputs of commonly cultivated plants. In this presentation, Executive Director Heather McCargo covers the many reasons we all should care about our region’s native flora and the importance of bringing these native plants back into our gardens and developed landscapes. She also discusses current native plant trends and issues in the nursery trade (including cloning and the loss of genetic diversity), and explains how we all can support our native flora by planting seed-grown native plants.