Why do native plants matter?
As we face the unprecedented, urgent, and entwined challenges of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, native plants grown from seed:

  • Provide habitat that supports populations of butterflies, bees, birds and all forms of life.
  • Make our landscapes more adaptable to future environmental stressors due to the climate crisis, like temperature swings, drought, flooding and pest outbreaks.
  • Signal a region’s unique character, imbuing a sense of place and beauty.

What are native plants?
Species of trees, shrubs, vines, wildflowers, grasses and ferns that grew in regionally prior to colonization and have coevolved, over millennia, with the region’s animals, insects, amphibians, bacteria and fungi.

Watch Founder Heather McCargo as she covers the many reasons we all should care about our region’s native flora and the importance of bringing these native plants back into our communities.