Photographs © Lisa Looke, Heather McCargo
Wild Seed Project: Returning native plants to the Maine landscape
Wild Seed Project works to increase the use of native plants in all landscape settings in order to conserve biodiversity, encourage plant adaption in the face of climate change, safeguard wildlife habitat, and create pollination and migration corridors for insects and birds. A nonprofit organization, we sell seeds of locally grown native plants and educate the public on seed sowing so that a wide range of citizens can participate in increasing native plant populations.
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Walks, Talks & Workshops

December 9, Gilsland Farm Audubon Center, Falmouth, Maine
Seed Sowing Workshop with Heather McCargo

January 4, First Congregational Church, Wiscasset, Maine
Understanding and Sowing Native Seeds, a slide show and demonstration presented by Heather McCargo.

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