Photographs © Lisa Looke, Heather McCargo
Wild Seed Project: Returning native plants to the Maine landscape
Wild Seed Project works to increase the use of native plants in all landscape settings in order to conserve biodiversity, encourage plant adaption in the face of climate change, safeguard wildlife habitat, and create pollination and migration corridors for insects and birds. A nonprofit organization, we sell seeds of locally grown native plants and educate the public on seed sowing so that a wide range of citizens can participate in increasing native plant populations.

Walks, Talks & Workshops

June 13, Cumston Public Library, Monmouth, ME
Going Native with Plants in Your Landscape

June 16, Maine Audubon (Gilsland Farm), Falmouth, ME
Wild Edibles Walk with Russ Cohen and Maine Audubon’s Native Plant Sale and Festival

June 26, Emlen Hall, The Bay School, Blue Hill, ME
Creating Dynamic Landscapes Presentation by Patrick Cullina

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Native Plant Profiles

  • Viburnums: Year-round Wonders

    Viburnums: Year-round Wonders

    Viburnums are plants that just keep on giving. While they bloom in the spring, these plants provide enjoyment throughout the year. Vernal flowers develop into colorful summer berries (technically drupes). As the seasons progress, the fruits and flowers of spring …Read the Profile »

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