Purple flowering raspberry (Rubus odoratus)

After removing disruptive introduced species, try planting these

by Wild Seed Project

Choose plants based on the growing conditions of the site (sun exposure, soil type and moisture). The best time for planting in spring is between late April and the 3rd […]

Join Our Team!

by Wild Seed Project

Administrative Coordinator (part-time) Our organization is growing rapidly, and we’re looking for someone extremely organized who can support our team with the day-to-day administration of our small and busy office. […]

Lillian Harris and her husband Daniel Hildreth at their rewilded home in coastal Maine.

Landscaping in partnership with native ecosystems is good for the planet. It’s good for us too.

by Lillian Harris

Traditional landscaping is a process of carving out comfortable, orderly spaces where we can rest, play and express ourselves artistically, and even spiritually, through thoughtfully designed and maintained lawns and […]

Building Biodiverse & Climate-Resilient Habitats

by Wild Seed Project

Building biodiverse and climate resilient habitats require a deliberate shift from human-centered, intensively managed landscapes to humans sharing their lands with the rest of nature. It is an intentional practice […]

Supporting Ash Protection Collaboration Across Wabanakik

by Wild Seed Project

Ash Protection Collaboration Across Wabanakik (APCAW) is a group of Indigenous and non-indigenous researchers, Tribal members, and forest caretakers working together to bring more awareness of the cultural and ecological […]

The Gardener’s Dilemma: Wild-type Plants or Nativars?

by Mark Richardson

The answer lies in genetic diversity. *This article was originally published in Wild Seed magazine Volume 3, pp.  14-17. A spring trip to a garden center to seek out new […]

Return of the Meadow

How to Make a Meadow

by Heather McCargo

Meadows are beautiful dynamic habitats with rich populations of plants and animals, and unfortunately, they have been reduced substantially in the last 50 years. Contributing to their decline is the […]

Plants at a nursery

How to Find Native Plants

by Heather McCargo

Finding native plants to purchase can be challenging for native species enthusiasts. Small local growers of nursery stock have nearly disappeared, and today many nurseries purchase plants that have been […]

Slow gardening illustration

Leave the Leaves!

by Anna Fialkoff

Protecting Habitat through the Winter: Leave the Leaves! While planting native plants is an essential step toward creating habitat, how we tend our plantings determines whether we can sustain and […]


Spring “Cleanup” in the Meadow

by Gregg Raymond

We share our meadow with many living things, and we do our best to keep them happy. Each fall, we leave the dead stems and seedpods standing to provide winter […]

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