Have you already picked up your copy of Native Trees for Northeast Landscapes: A Wild Seed Project Guide? Want to dig even deeper? This page is packed with further reading, WSP articles, and native gardening blog posts. It also provides links to where to buy native trees and community tree planting efforts in the US and abroad. We hope this further informs and inspires you to plant native trees where you live.


WSP Articles & Blog Posts

Planting Native Trees


Gardening Under Trees

Growing Native Trees From Seed

Native Tree Profiles

Where to Buy Native Trees

See Where to Buy Native Plants for a more comprehensive list of nurseries, garden centers and plant sales. Here are our top picks for where to buy northeast native trees:

Community Tree Planting

Around the world people are banning together to share the gift of trees with their communities. Get inspired by the structures and practices they’ve set in place. Then, either join an existing local effort or to start a new one. Seek out reputable nonprofit organizations that work hard to have tree planting benefit both local ecosystems and communities.

Books & Publications

Pick up these books at your local bookstore or library:

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